Baptist', a universe where several worlds jostle.


A singular voice, accompanied by a guitar and percussion, working sounds sometimes rock, sometimes pop.


A little electro zest, a few samples, but above all, above all: texts And a voice, that of Baptiste, so singular, a mix between Gainsbourg, Bashung and Patrick Sébastien (humor, when you hold us...)


The group became known at the end of 2018 thanks to its title "Born in a red truck", composed in support of the maternity ward of Le Blanc (36) in the process of closing, the clip of which has been viewed more than 25,000 times and relayed on local media.


Since then, beautiful dates have followed one another:

- Winner Springboard Festi'Zac Ambazac (87)

- The drunken boat – Tours (37)

- Revelation New Scene France Bleu Berry 2022

- Spring of Bourges 2022


Baptist', a story of commitment, sharing, and absolute...sincerity...



Humanist song? Kezako?


The group's songs, composed as covers, highlight men and women, sometimes everyday heroes, or simple acrobats...


Texts reminiscent of poetry, expressing shadow and light...


Questioning, doubts, smiles, everything that builds what is commonly called "Life", and that they like to share with you.


Melodies to hum, listen to, and listen to again...


Their first album "Braille en Silence", produced by Gérôme Briard (Collectif 13, Le Pied de la Pompe...), is available.


Music for religion, sharing as a banner...


Come and discover the Baptist' universe, they are waiting for you impatiently.