Manou Gallo returns to us with a unique and very personal project.


ALISO, his 5th album is in 2 parts, 2 LPs of 5 titles each, the release of which spans 2 periods: autumn 2021 and spring 2022

In this new project, Manou Gallo pays tribute to the artists who inspired her, Féla Kuti, Manu Dibango, Franco, Ernesto Djé Djé, Marcellin Yacé.

She also surrounds herself for the occasion with her 2 “brother-bassists” Christian Mc Bride and Etienne Mbappè on original compositions.


"Lady" whose digital release is scheduled for 12.06.21 is the 1st single from the 1st LP.


How dangerous it is to revitalize a universal classic immortalized, moreover, by an undeniable African icon! Manou Gallo brilliantly takes up this challenge by judiciously tweaking one of the hymns of the Nigerian singer and saxophonist Fela Anikulapo Kuti. "Lady", recorded 50 years ago for the album "Shakara", is a thrilling work whose civic dimension is suddenly reflected with force in this new interpretation.t future and constancy, Manou Gallo his queen!


The admirable Ivorian bass player thus celebrates the assertive momentum of the female sex half a century after the scathing words and agitated notes of his illustrious elder. “The afro-groove queen” lives in the present and hears the protest slogans of her sisters engaged in a crusade for equality and parity. Shaking up consciences is a formidable challenge when the social climate becomes tense and when minds become radicalized. Music is then perhaps a shimmering form of diplomacy that Manou Gallo masters to perfection to gently tilt strong convictions, fixed ideas, erroneous assertions.


“I am proud to be both an African woman with a constant respect for traditions, while advocating a certain modernism through African music or rock jazz blouse Afrobeat and funk have all their places. I am free with the music and thanks to it, I can imagine everything and travel everywhere”.


In 1997, upon her arrival in Europe, she became the bassist of Zap Mama, Marie Daulne's group, and thus performed on the biggest European and American stages.

Since 2003, she has led her own groups and participated in many other projects (Manou Gallo Women Band, Groove Orchestra, Acoustic Africa and Music Machine).


Through her stage presence and her incredible technique, she has become one of the leading women of this innovative Afro-European music that is appreciated all over the world.