Not to be like the others. A challenge in this world of French rap which runs after success at the risk of commercial formatting. However, this is the path chosen by 47TER, a trio from the 78 whose name is the number of the village hall of their city (Bailly) that we first discovered with the YouTube series "On Vient Gâcher Tes Classics”.


After this more than promising trial run, it is on stage that 47TER proves its worth, notably filling the New Morning for its first Parisian gig. After a 7-track EP, the first album L'Adresse consolidates the substantive work of Pierre Paul, Lopes and Blaise in 12 tracks, including the certified hit "Côte Ouest". The popular success confirms that the three friends have the potential to last. "We went gold in four months, the tour was complete whereas for a year and a half we had mainly played in small venues", recalls Blaise. Result: A first gold record.


“What is funny”, adds Pierre Paul, “is that since our first freestyle, there is an ascent of which we cannot see the end. Each week it was even more incredible, and we want it to continue to rise, as high as possible. And that is the whole point of Legend, the always difficult second album. Pierre Paul: "As we did exactly what we loved with our first record, and it worked, it's encouraging. For the second album, we wanted to remain very sincere”.


47TER being one of those groups that never stop creating music (the three members are composers), a wide choice of instrumentals and lyrics was available, but the three friends made it their mission to find a guideline. Lopes: “The first album was made with the only demos we had. There we wanted to go in a more precise direction”. This direction, 47TER has found it, and it is summed up in the title of the album: Legend.


Pierre Paul: “By listening to our demos again, we realized that we had a real theme for the album, the personal legend. Find your place in this world, in this life. It was a recurring theme and so we are going to work the promotion around it. With our friends, we spend our late evenings talking for hours, and it inspires our songs to death. We talk about what affects guys our age.


The musical atmosphere of this expected album? A refreshing eclecticism, the three friends do not forbid anything. Including an epic guitar solo played by Lopes on “Légende”, the title which opens the disc: “We also like Queen and AC/DC, we are in there phew! Besides, what happens with rap, as with rock before, is that it takes a turn. This is the new pop and it changes musically. There are more melodies, real instruments, over time it becomes a hybrid thing, rap pop with real music behind it. And if we can be the actors of this change, it is marvellous”.


"La Seul" surprises and seduces with its music of uninhibited optimism embellished with an irresistible whistle and its carefree lyrics ("We are like brothers in war / We are going to break everything like the Gallagher brothers, because it is the only family one can choose"). More introspective, "Ella" is a melancholic love story, the story of a departure, of a relationship in perdition, on a sound shrouded in nostalgia. "J'Essaie" opens the microphone to the three 47TERs and "Pario" is an atypical piece that starts like a guitar bossa with a little rhythm and almost summery lyrics ("It doesn't matter if we fill our glasses to the brim / This evening Paris becomes seaside”). “Now” bears the 47TER label, this mix of adolescent spleen, rapological accelerations and melodies that can be sung from the first listen: “And if later became now? And if we held back time, we would circle the earth”. And always this soft guitar... "Vivre", with its electronic production and its flow, reminds us that if most songs have a pop flavor, Pierre Paul knows how to kick when necessary.


Once again, no featuring on this new album, because as Pierre Paul explains, “We are very friends, very family. We would never ask for a feat from a guy we don't know, we wouldn't dare. This did not prevent 47TER from meeting Seth Gueko for a Konbini freestyle.

Legend is the record that 47TER supporters were hoping for, but it's also that of a group in full expansion, ready to seduce a large audience while maintaining a humility that contrasts nicely with the oversized ego of so many other artists. .


Pierre Paul, Lopes and Blaise are back. It is now up to the public to enter their Legend.