Le Pied de la Pompe, Le Pied, LPdLP, call it what you want, it is in a festive and singular folk rock energy, with conscious and chiseled lyrics that the combo fits.


In its own name, or within Collectif 13 (members of Tryo, La Rue Ketanou, Massilia Sound System, Le Pied de la Pompe, etc.), the group plays with codes, dynamites prejudices and therefore continues to move forward at the pace of a unique folk rock, with a more solar and frontal sound than ever with a single watchword: Sing and play for others in order to share your vision of a world in which the worst can rub shoulders with the best.


In March 2020 (...), LPdLP released its 6th album., "The great mystery" An album composed of live and unreleased tracks, a unique project in its discography., with a more organic and current sound than ever or , between roots and modernity, fuzzy electric guitars, folk guitars, and an up-tempo rhythm section mingle with the powerful voice of Gérome Briard, whose lyrics, sharp and percussive, always hit the mark.


LPdLP, which never ceases to move the lines, continues to retain its audience and asserts itself today, like a muscular, generous and sincere full band.


The group is currently working on a new album which will be released in 2022.