At the beginning of the 90s, Guillaume and Johan Ledoux created BLANKASS, after having put an end to the Zéro De Conduite adventure... Adventure which had brought them a collection of incredible memories, a bit of technique, and above all, desire. It must be said that sharing the stage with the Clash, Gun-club, or U2 when you are twelve years old, it helps a little to know what you want to do in life!


After more than 200 concerts in all kinds of places, in France, Germany, Holland, Algeria or in Quebec, the first album, "Blanbass", was released in 1996, accompanied by the single "La couleurs desblés", a big radio success that will lead to musical victories and will get them back on the road for a first tour of 150 dates!


Will follow "The era of nothing" in 1998, "The flower-man" in 2003, and "Elliott", in 2005. Curiously, it is on this fourth opus, produced by John Hanlon, the sound engineer of Neil Young, that we find the true influences of the group. B. Springsteen, the Who, the Clash, Nick Cave, Brel, Gainsbourg or Oasis are all artists who fed the six members of the gang...


Between each album, the life of the group is punctuated by the tours that follow the releases in the bins, and in 2007, the group feels the need to "take a snapshot" of what these tours are, of what the group on stage… The group's first Live, “Un concert” was recorded at the Théatre de Verre, in Chateaubriant, and released in March 2008, accompanied by a DVD combining clips, Live images, and the group's personal archives.


In 2009, Guillaume and Johan each gave themselves a little solo parenthesis, then at the beginning of 2011, they both locked themselves in the studio to compose the group's new album. Exploring new paths, new sounds, a new way of writing, they deliver on February 6, 2012 "The horses".

Two years of touring followed this opus.


On April 14, 2014, a double best of simply called "I remember everything" was released. Double album with the best titles chosen by the group, as well as unreleased versions of certain songs, two unreleased tracks, a duet with Mike Scott of the Waterboys and a completely revisited version of "The color of wheat".

In 2015 the Ledoux brothers granted themselves a getaway into the world of children. A project that has been close to their hearts for several years.

The adventure of “Balthazar Tête de bois, the little boy who wanted to succeed in his life” therefore started on November 6, 2015.


A musical tale in the form of a disc book narrated by Sylvie Testud and interpreted by 15 artists, including Pierre Perret, Michel Fugain, Cali, Alex Lutz, Hubert Mounier (the Luis Trio affair), Ben Mazué, Elodie Frégé, Zoé Colotis (Caravan Palace), Matthew Caws (Nada Surf), Marie Gillain, Thomas Fersen.

2019 the year of return...