With this creation, Audrey BOSC draws the different forms that emanate from the word “instinct”. Through the bodies of her dancers, she travels between the multiple aspects of these primitive desires that bind humans to animals.


The survival instinct, the carnal instinct, the maternal instinct, the instinct of domination... Dancehall, a Jamaican urban dance, choreographed with a fresh look, is closely linked to the tribal sounds of François CECCALDI's music. Audrey choreographs movement using the codes of urban dance and adding other influences, such as contemporary dance.


She transmits to her dancers a singular relationship to the land, a wild dance that releases a disturbing power.

This creation addresses self-transcendence, the strength of the group, the instinctive energy that arises from bodies in motion. The dancers evolve through different scenes and create a dancing, expressive, captivating ritual...


“In art as in love, instinct is enough. » A. FRANC


Founded by Audrey Bosc in 2018, Cie MyDNA is directly attached to the DNA Dance Area school, with the aim of promoting the training of young dancers in the region.


The company transmits the essential notions of sharing, group cohesion, exchange with amateur, pre-professional and professional audiences. She uses the codes of urban dance which she merges with other dances such as contemporary dance.


She has been performing for 5 years at numerous events in the city of Montpellier and its surroundings (Opening Show of the MHB and official MHSC, Festival “Festin de Pierre”…)