His name is Cephaz, in his twenties, three exiles on the clock, teeth of happiness and a song vibrating with all the promises due to his age. Since You, his first title to see the light of day, gives us the scoop and the desire to know more. Born in Navrongo in Ghana, he lived in South Africa and then in Mayotte, depending on the assignments of parents who adopted him at the age of ten, before landing in France in 2011, 9 years later.



Along the way, he sang in a church choir in Cape Town, took clarinet and saxophone lessons, modulated his voice to listen to the big names in folk music, from Tracy Chapman to Ben Harper, learned French in college – but also by rubbing shoulders with the texts of Serge Gainsbourg and Jacques Brel – and won first prize in a springboard at St Etienne with C Fly, his group at the time.



He also preferred a career as a singer to the promising footballer that was offered to him. Happy choice for this pure talent who dribbled the obstacles of an extraordinary destiny, juggled insolently with situations, environments, language changes.


This ease in adapting, his voice, that of a soul that has been strengthened by many uprootings, bears witness to this, so to speak. Because for this wanderer of the world, singing ended up defining much more than a mode of expression. It has become a territory, a strain, an identity. Powerful without excess, her voice filters everything that makes up this life made up of ruptures, transitions, questioning, keeping only the best, the sunny side. She reports a resolutely modern way of being in the world, a radiant relationship with the other, with others, which in the end allowed her to build herself. No, Cephaz does not sing like anyone else. Nor sing anything.


Since You, co-written with the Lyonnais composer Pascal Revial ​​and the director Antoine Essertier (Vianney, Boulevard des Airs), mixes everything that a so-called popular song can contain in the best of cases of pure love, with the singular experience of someone who had to reinvent themselves several times to savor it. She gives flavor to an often depreciated genre, and gives us a taste of what will be her first album planned for this year.