Song Groove & Klezmer


Enter the incredible groovish & funkish musical universe of BEKAR.

Vocals, clarinet, drums, bass, keyboards and piano carry you away in a song-groove hybrid music where the colors of Klezmer music cross the band's pieces.

Texts in French and Yiddish whose influences come from artists such as -M-, Rachid Taha, les Négresses Vertes, Ibrahim Maalouf, David Krakauer, Prince… as well as the unfathomable sounds of Klezmer.

On stage, the spirit is festive, humorous and shared energy with the public. The concert is listened to, lived, sung and danced.

Since 2008, BEKAR has been traveling to places to sing in France and Europe: Montpellier, Sète (Théâtre de la Mer), Paris, Martigues, Toulouse, Carpentras, Lyon, Vienna (Austria)...

He had the pleasure of sharing scenes with Benabar, Debout sur le Zinc, HK and les Saltimbanques,

Sidi Watcho, the Wriggles, La Caravane Passe, Amir, Touré Kunda, Soviet Suprem...




Benjamin Karchen, alias Bekar, was born in Morocco to an Ashkenazi Jewish family. Her mother listened to Janis Joplin, King Krimson, David Bowie and Cat Stevens who punctuated her childhood. Rocked by the sounds of oriental music mixed with Klezmer music sung by his grandmother, he frequented the Parisian cellars where their Gypsy musician friends played.


He then began to write his own musical history. He spent more than ten years at the conservatory of Charenton-le-Pont (94) to study the transverse flute and music theory. On his grandmother's piano, he improvises and writes the songs that pass through his head and hands. He set up his first French rock bands in the Paris region and experienced his first scenes with "Couleur nomade" and "Dune".


Later, he participated in the musical notebook of a play performed in Paris, "Next year in Jerusalem" by Olivia Marcowicz.

In the south of France in 1998, he multiplied the projects: "Notek", (French song), classical choir "Ensemble vocal d'Agde" and "Mazl", Yiddish music that he revisits with his musicians. In 2008, he created his most successful musical project since finally, all of his personal and musical history found the spaces for an original, powerful and sublimated creation.


Bekar: vocals, keyboards

Santiago Courty: Drums

Mateo Guyomarc'h: Bass

Thibault Roche: Clarinets and backing vocals

Melina Schneider: backing vocals

Quentin Treuer: Piano and keyboards

Benjamin Bousquet: Sound engineer