Inscriptions 2023 / 2024
Mercredi 6 Septembre 2023 (14-19h) Samedi 9 Septembre 2023 (15-18h)
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Les Professeurs et chorégraphes


Educational Manager and Choreographer Full Professor of the DE (State Diploma) and CA (Certificate of Aptitude), Member of the juries for obtaining the D.E (State Diploma) and the CA (Certificate of Aptitude)


State Graduate Professor (DE)


Professeur et Chorégraphe Hip-Hop. Formation avec Max – Laure et Alex Benth (Cie Blac Blanc Beur) et en Modern’Jazz avec Dominique Lesdema. Formation de Hip-Hop à New York avec la compagnie de Raphsody.

The School Show will take place Saturday June 22, 2024 in Equinox.

Adhésion / Tarification

DARC Membership for the year costs € 16 per person (from July 30, 2023 to August 1, 2024).

It entitles you to a preferential rate for internship weekends and for the Châteauroux 2023 International Internship.


  • Modern'Jazz rates
    Whatever the level
  • 1 class per week →  32€ per month
    2 class per week → 42€ per month
    3 class per week → 50€ per month

  • Modern'Jazz rates + Hip-Hop
    Whatever the level
  • class per week → 45€ per month

  • class per week →  55€ per month

All these prices are decreasing for several people of the same family.

The dance school benefits from the approval of holiday vouchers, C.A.F vouchers and the Pass Culture.


The courses must be paid at the start of each 1st of the month for a period of 2 months :
September and October - November and December - January and Fabruary - March and April - May and June

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