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PORRAS Anne-Marie

PORRAS Anne-Marie

Modern jazz dance

Anne-Marie PORRAS, Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, is the creator and founder of EPSEDANSE, Higher Professional School of Dance Education, a center authorized by the Ministry of Culture for the preparation of the diploma of State of classical, jazz and contemporary dance teacher.


She traces her career working with WALTER NICKS, INGEBORG LIPTAY and JORG LANNER.

She owes her technique to the schools of ALVIN AILEY, MARTHA GRAHAM and MERCE CUNNINGHAM.

She signs her first creation with "Turn on to Mangione" in collaboration with RICHARD JONES for the conservatory of MAURICE BÉART in Brussels.

CLAUDE LELOUCH entrusts him with the choreography of the French part of his film “Les Uns et les Autres”.

This was followed by “Voyages” for Focus on Jazz in Montreal and “Transib” for the Festival de Montpellier Danse (1985).


It is from there that she focuses on her own company and regularly adds new creations to her repertoire.


These works are built on universal themes, modulated on a range of energy, sometimes dazzling, sometimes subdued.


They toured all over France, in Africa, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean.


His work can also be defined as follows: “Based on soft and present accents, a dense energy emerging from an interior path, traces a dance of contrasts and tells in unison continuity, the echo of movement in the curve. .. Balance, achieved in the arc of the spiral, draws in space with freedom of expression the poetry of resentment”.


Anne-Marie PORRAS has an unreserved passion for dance and dancers.

Whether she forms them or stages them in her choreographic pieces, this deep respect for the performer is perceptible through her requirement for their sensitive qualities of presence and performance.


Recently she collaborated with Germaine Acogny in Senegal, for a meeting between the dancers of epsedanse and those of the École des Sables.


Accompanied by Sadjoy San.


Often called upon by the Montpellier electronic scene to mix, Sadjoy willingly associates DJing with dance in association with Masterclass or Festival.

His selection of electro-house and meladic-techno sans accentuates the modernity of the discipline and breathes a renewed energy into the course that galvanizes the dancers.