EKSON Larrio

EKSON Larrio

Contemporary dance

Dancer-Star, Pedagogue and Choreographer.

In the world of dance, Larrio Ekson is a major figure.

He marked the history of contemporary dance for having been the mythical partner of the Carlson years, both at the Opéra National de Paris and at the Fenice de Venise. He has performed with the greatest choreographers, Maurice Béjart, Carolyn Carlson, Robert Cohen, Luis Falco, Paul Taylor, Frederik Ashton, May O'Donnell, James Warring or Jiri Killian etc…

He taught at the Opéra National de Paris and at the École de danse, as well as at the Académie du Spectacle Équestre de BARTABAS at the Château de Versailles and at the main national and international workshops.

In May 2007, Carolyn Carlson commissioned him a ballet for his 13 dancers of the Choreographic Centre of Roubaix, he was one of the main performers of the show «Les Juments de la nuit» that Bartabas gave together with Zingarro and the Academy as part of the Château de Versailles festival in September 2008. He played at the Opéra de Toulon in the musical «Folies» by Stephen Sondhiem.

Larrio Ekson was elevated to the rank of “Commander of Arts and Letters”. On March 25, 2016, the inauguration of the «l'Espace Larrio Ekson» room at the Théâtre de l'Échappée in Laval took place by Claudine Orvain and François Bechu.


He was an actor in a play, "Andromaque" by Racine, directed by Anne Delbée in June and October 2018, at Versailles. He also participated in a film by Carolyn Carlson and a short film about him by Maxime Gralet.

He inaugurated a new dance studio called «Studio Larrio» in Maria Grazie Sulpizi’s main studio in Genes, Italy.

He participated in the short film «Dancers Over 50» directed by Jameson Pepper and Artistic Direction by Raffaella Mattioli.

He also participated in the Rebekah Harkness documentary “An American Ballet Story – A Kid From Harlem Goes To Paris” by Leslie Streit and Robin E.Mccain.

A second book entitled “Larrio Ekson – L'Envol de L'Aigle” recounting his life as well as his career as a recognized actor and dancer was released in early May 2019 – Author Claude Alain Planchon, Publisher Jacques Flament.



A dance studio at the MJC of Neuilly bears the name of Larrio Ekson.

He is accompanied by Paki ZENNARO.