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YONSIAN Louis-Pierre

YONSIAN Louis-Pierre

African dance

Louis-Pierre Yonsian is originally from Côte d’Ivoire. He leads his double-carreer as a choreographer, performer and teacher with much passion. He also is a choreographer and dancer in the “Les Guirivoires” company.

He graduated from the Edec (Ecole de Danse et d’Echanges Culturels, by choreographer Rose Marie Guiraud) in Côte d’Ivoire, where he was trained in traditional and contemporary African dance, Afro-Jazz and Occidental contemporary dance.

He joined Georges Momboye’s company in 1997, which allowed him to land some of his biggest roles, enhancing his very particular style full of precision and grace.

His undeniable stage skills: precision and delicacy in his movements make him a precious, or even essential element.

He teaches at the Momboye Dance Center, and hosts many dance camps in France and abroad (Swiss, Mali, Italy, England, Greece, Crete etc…).

He is accompanied by Dany SHE and Émile DJOZIE on percussion.