Aniurka BALANZO and Antoine JOLY live between Paris, Santiago de Cuba and Havana. Both form a couple of dancers totally representative of the Cuban soul and street salsa.

It is the festive and popular side of Cuban salsa that fascinates them and that they love to transmit (as we say in Cuba, if we know how to walk, we know how to dance!).

They are very appreciated for their knowledge of the Cuban world, their dynamism and their unfailing conviviality.

Their classes are both an invitation to dance and a journey into Cuban culture.

Living several months a year in Santiago de Cuba, close to dancers and Cuban life, they also teach at many festivals in France and Europe.



Born in Santiago de Cuba, Aniurka graduated from the National School of Arts, 1st prize in choreography. Former first dancer of the Ballet Folklorique of Santiago, in France, we will find her in the film "Salsa".

Recognized for her teaching, her qualities as a dancer and her energy, Aniurka defends and always emphasizes the role of the Woman in Cuban Salsa; Aniurka transmits sensuality but also simplicity when she teaches.


Antoine JOLY

Nicknamed the white Cuban, Antoine has trained in Cuban salsa in Santiago de Cuba since 1999. He spent several years in Cuba to understand this Cuban sauce and all its ingredients and continues to live there 3 to 4 months in the year.

Through his teaching and extraordinary energy, we find again this good mood of the street, but also the will to develop a style specific to each one: the very reflection of the Cuban salsa of the street.



Aniurka y Antoine have also been the founders of L'EXPÉRIENCE SALSALOCA since 2001 (already 54 editions and more than 1,400 participants).

A unique encounter with the Cuban people and their island through its culture, music and dance.

An incredible human adventure in the heart of Cuba.

Salsa a a la cubana in total immersion: Salsa stays in vivo in Cuba (Santiago de Cuba and Havana).

If body expression and style are essential for you and for us in dance, it is the stay you need!!

For 2 weeks you will live to the rhythm of Cuba, its people, its culture.