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STORTI Eduardo

STORTI Eduardo


Eduardo DA SILVA STORTI was born on October 28th 1968, and started capoeira in January 1983 in Master Parada’s Movimientos Capoeira Association.

He took part in many performances and festivities, allowing him to gain more and more experience, until he started teaching his own work in 1992 by founding the Grupo de Capoeira Equilibrio in Brazil.

Since 2001, he participates in international capoeira meet ups in various countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, United States, etc.

In September 2003, he settled in France and created the Grupo Equilibrio in Limoges.

He currently takes part in and organizes big events in Europe and Brazil, promoting capoeira more and more.

Capoeira is a dance, a fight, a game. It is one of the most fascinating aspects of Brazilian culture.

The Capoeira dancer is at once an athlete, a dancer, a joker, an actor and a musician.


His assistant: LEANDRO Elias

Elias Manoel Leandro was born on April 18th 1984 in Santos, Brazil. He started capoeira in March 1997 in Santos with Master Eduardo Storti, who was his teacher for two years. He then trained with “monitora” Katia, who gave him his “formado” and “monitor” rope. In 2005, he went to France for a lesson with Master Edouardo Storti and instructor Rey; one year later, he decided to permanently move to France, in Haute-Vienne, where he currently teaches.