CABY Adrien

CABY Adrien


Dancer and teacher of Sports Dances. Former high-level competitor in France and internationally in Latin Dances.


Along with Samuel Texier and Joël Luzolo, Adrien Caby is one of the new dancers to join season 11 of Dancing with the Stars. Recently Semi-Finalist of season 11 of the show "Dancing with the Stars" in 2021, for his first participation as a professional dancer.


He started dancing at the Georges and Rosy dance school in Paris, a school where he now teaches. He completes in the Feeling Dance club (Charly Moser and Michel Koenig) in Pantin where he also teaches Latin dances to competitors. At 27, he has been practicing 10 sports dances (Latin and standard) for almost 15 years and teaching them for almost 10 years.
Her favorite dance? The double pass!


Adrien Caby wants to give people pleasure, to communicate the full range of emotions offered by sports dances. Above all, he seeks commitment from his partner. As a teacher, his main quality is to understand his student to know where the difficulty comes from and how to solve it.

Dancing is not her only passion. The charming tattooed dancer is also a young photographer. Portraits, bodies, photos of animals... "I like to take photos, I exhibited my photos of animals at the Carrousel du Louvre for the Art Shopping fair and it is one of my photos (the Flemish) that is used for the show poster this year".