LOPEZ Magalie et LOPEZ Sandy

LOPEZ Magalie et LOPEZ Sandy

West Coast swing / Boogie acrobatic rock' n' roll

Magalie and Sandy are brother and sister in life. They started dancing at the age of 4 in the Lyonnaise dance school of their parents, Alain and Gabrielle Lopez.


Rock as a family specialty, it is naturally that they pursue a career as dancers and competitors in Acrobatic Rock / Boogie-woogie (several times Champion of France) and that they have been teaching the discipline for many years.


Coach in the French team of Acrobatic Rock since 2012, It is through the European and World Championships (Slovenia, Czech Republic, Russia, Austria...) that their students obtain the title of world number 2 and recently a medal of bronze at the Rock World Cup in Lyon in 2022.


Members of the steering committee at the FFD, judge and technical director at the FDO, they invest in the development of their discipline.


Multidisciplinary dancers, they will offer you a course that broadens the horizons of traditional rock by drawing inspiration from different artistic universes.


Assisted by Marine Lopez.