Workshop Djembé

Drummer, John Boswell studies at the Kenny Clare School in London and is part of several rock and jazz bands. He then moved to India for 12 years where he learned the Tablas from two great masters. Professor and specialist in traditional music, he teaches at the Paris Philharmonie today. As a songwriter, he works with many choreographers: Carolyn Carlson, Peter Goss, Régine Chopinot, Marie-Claude Pietragalla… He directs the percussions of the films Home and Human by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and is artistic director of the oratorio Majnoun and Leila by Armand Amar.


With its multidisciplinary approach to percussion and its meetings and collaborations with reference groups such as Les Tambours du Bronx and Stomp, he develops percussion workshops that put creativity and spontaneity at the centre and are aimed at a wide audience: dancers, musicians, actors, teachers…



Djembe: Emblematic instrument of West Africa, the power, portability and richness of the Djembe repertoire have made it one of the most played drums in the world. A workshop to learn about the main strikes and vibrate in group to the sound of this timeless traditional instrument.

It is desirable to bring its instrument.