Qi Gong

Graduated from the French School of Yoga in Paris in 1986 with the defense of the dissertation "L'axe vertical", author of the book "Le Yoga, guide pour une practice personnel et escalade" published in 1986, publisher La Maison du Bien To be.


AJNA graduate relaxologist with the defense of the thesis "Energetic approach to relaxation"


Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Academia Sinica in Beijing, ITEC Paris)

His background in Qi Gong and Dao Yin:

Student of the yogi Dennis Boyes with whom he practiced hatha yoga and yoga nidra, from 1975 to 1980, his research turned to the energy approach of these practices.

In 1981, as part of a mission in Asia, with industrialists of Chinese origin, he traveled to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao where he discovered the practice of health exercises, as well as acupuncture.


Having acquired a book (in English) in Hong Kong, he began to practice the most accessible exercises and to distribute them during morning workshops with his yoga students.


Frequenting Chinese bookstores, he practiced with various Chinese masters passing through Paris (notably Master DONG, a Taoist monk from Monte Hua, who introduced him to this philosophy) and discovered the books of Doctor Yves Réquéna which brought him much knowledge of this art.


Then, during a training in Chinese energy (ITEC) in 1993, he met Bruno ROGISSART with whom he began a first three-year training in Qi Gong (from 1995 to 1998) at ITEQG
Meanwhile, at Amorc, he discovered the series of Dao Yin taught by Ke Wen in Nanterre. After several internships at the Ass. LIU (National Qi Gong Center of Bedaihe) and Master ZHANG GUANG DE (Faculty of Sports of Beijing) and the obtaining of the official Chinese diploma of teacher of Qi Gong, as well as that of the Times of the Body.


Remaining faithful to Ke Wen, he trained for 4 years in Hui Chun Gong with Master SHEN from Shanghai and Master MOK from Singapore.


In 2005, he went to the Wu Dang Mountains, a high place of Wushu and Qi Gong practice and practiced with the Taoist monk YUAN LI MING with whom he continued to train, deepening his practice with the help of Ke Wen


Moreover, he remains faithful to the teaching of Bruno Rogissart and follows the training of the Body Arts of Taiji and obtains the certificate of instructor of Taijizhang.


Teacher graduated from the federations FFWaemc, FEQGAE, holder of the CQP ALS Sports for All, he is a member of the College of Teachers of ITEQG, Corps Times, FEQGAE. Former member of the Technical Committee of the FFWaemc, and 4th duan in Qi Gong


Holder of bronze and silver medals from the Ministry of Youth and Sports for his action in the associative and sports world.


Assisted by Patrice SCHOONENBERGH.