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Massage workshop

Joël Savatofski was a physiotherapist for ten years, but quit his job to found the Institut de Formation et de Recherche Pédagogique (IFJS), the first training centre in France specialized in massages, and with the aim of restoring the art of massage in all areas of society.


He was the n°1 responsible for the resurgence of massage in France, an innovative teacher, and the creator of many techniques (Massage assis, Relaxinésie®, Stretch-massage®, Massage essentiel®, Massage-minute®, etc…). Joël Savatofski has been hosting massage workshops for the DARC Dance camp for a good thirty years. He wrote several reference books.

During the workshops he offers, which unfold in a playful environment, you will be initiated to different techniques and gestures that will allow you to practise massages during and after the camp. They are simple, quick and efficient techniques. An essential addition to dance, and a pleasant moment for recovering and relaxing that is as enjoyable as it is useful during the camp.



His right arm: SAVATOFSKI Lola


Lola is a qualified massage bien-être® practitioner at the Ecole Européenne du Toucher-massage® (IFJS), as well as a teacher in that school since 2012.

Lola offers individual massage sessions in Paris open to all, with a specialization inmassages for pregnant women. She also intervenes as a practitioner in various companies, associations, hospital environments, in the fields of art and events.

She has a particular experience in anim’massage® and offers workshops specially aimed at teenagers, or even children from the age of 5.

Camps and professional trainings that she hosts for older children are offered at the IFJS.

She started as Joël Savatofski’s assistant in numerous workshops and camps, but she very naturally became his right arm a few years ago, helping him host massage workshops at the DARC Dance Camp.