MARTIN Fabrice

MARTIN Fabrice


Trained in tap dancing by his father Gilbert Martin, Fabrice then perfected his skills in England and the USA with renowned teachers such as: Barbara Duffy, Gregory Hines and Germaine Goodson.


A performer and competitor, he won numerous tap dancing world champion titles, including that of elite solo, 4 times between 1995 and 2000, before training new talents, some of whom would in turn obtain the title of world champion (Gilles Guenat, Dorel and Costel Surbeck, Kim Selamet, Daniel Leveille).


He founded the Martin's Tap Dance Company in 1997 and choreographed shows such as TAP & SWING, CLACK-SON, BOX-SON, SHOEBIZ, CLAP, CLAQUETTISTE and recently SLAP in collaboration with Gilles Guenat.


He directs "Planet dance Martin" the school founded by his grandfather in 1919 and receives an award of excellence from the "International Dance Organization" in 2012, for all of his work.