LISETTE Dominique

LISETTE Dominique

Hip Hop

Dominique Lisette was born in Guadeloupe, and became a self-taught dancer. His will to become a professional dancer brought him to Paris, where he actively took part in the birth and growth of Hip-Hop. At the same time as clubs and nightclubs, he studied classical dance, jazz dance, modern dance and contemporary dance at the A.I.D (Académie Internationale de Danse) and the CIDJ (Centre International de Danse Jazz).

Dominique very quickly became one of the most in vogue choreographers on TV sets (notably for Michel Drucker).

He choreographed and danced for numerous artists such as Ben l’Oncle Soul, Mc Solaar, Eurythmics, Dany Brilliant, Zouk Machine, 2Be3, Nina Hagen, among others…

He also choreographed events like the RFM Party 80 all over France and at the Stade de France, or the Football World Cup opening ceremony in 1998, as well as fashion shows for brands like Puma, Levi’s, Reebok…

He was a dancer for the Boogie Saï company (Max Laure), and then took part in the creation of the Jeu de Jambes group. That’s how he wrote the history of the beginnings of hip-hop in France.

His passion and creativity are supplemented by a curiosity that led him to share diverse experiences with teachers, dancers, choreographers and contemporary artists (Hélène Taddei from the Art Mouv’ Cie, Blanca Li for the Quel Cirque ! piece, Treemonisha, Scott Joplin’s opera, at the Théâtre du Chatelet…).

His plurality is a quality that fully justifies his place as a jury in numerous festivals and competitions. He is also known on a national and international scale as a teacher with a remarkable teaching method.

In France, Dominique is seen as one of the founders of today’s generation of hip-hop dancers.

Dominique Lisette recently created his own company, the Relief Cie.