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Massage workshop

The massage workshop is led by Lola SAVATOFSKI who is a massage trainer.

Certified Massage Therapy Practitioner at theEcole Européenne du Toucher-massage® (IFJS *), Lola is a massage teacher since 2012 within this school.

She has a great experience in teaching massage techniques, pedagogy or the art of transmittingwhich are one of her recognized qualities. She has been running workshops for nine years, especially for teenagers, children from the age of five and vocational training for adults. Professor-trainer of massage at the International Stage of Châteauroux - DARC, since 6 years, she applies the techniques specially adapted to the world of the spectacle.



Lola offers individual massage sessions for all and a specialization in massage for pregnant women in Paris. She also works as a practitioner in various companies, associations, hospitals, artistic fields and events.



During the workshops, you will be able, in a fun atmosphere, to introduce you to the different techniques and gestures that will allow you to practice during and after the training, simple, fast and effective techniques.An indispensable complement for the discipline of dance, a friendly time of recovery and relaxation as pleasant as useful during the course.


Lola SAVATOFSKI is assisted by Florence VILLEDIEU who is a state graduate in contemporary dance since 1993, trainer and practitioner in massage well-being®, her knowledge of the body and dance through her different practices and her teaching allows Florence to meet the needs of everyone.



* The Joël Savatofski Training Institute (IFJS) and Pedagogical Research is the first training center in France for well-being massage whose vocation is to rehabilitate the art of massage in all areas of society.


Link: https://www.ifjs.fr