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Vernet-Senhadj Lolie

Vernet-Senhadj Lolie

Oriental dance

Lolie VERNET-SENHADJ is a dancer-choreographer, professor of dances of Egypt and the Middle East since 2002, she practices in France and abroad (Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Korea South, Japan, Canada).

When she was 17, she falls in love with the music of the Arab world. This sensory shock instinctively leads him to dance. Then begins an intense training in Egyptian oriental dance, supplemented over the years by the contribution of other dances of the Maghreb and the Middle East, but also by jazz and contemporary dances. She won 3 international competitions in 2007 (Berlin), 2008 (Turin) and 2009 (Brussels), she is greeted by reference figures of the Egyptian oriental dance - Najwa FOUAD, Farida FAHMY, Yousry SHARIF - for her creativity, her unique personality and the subtlety of her interpretations. As an interpreter, she performs with renowned companies: Leila HADDAD Coy (Zikrayat show tour in 2003-2004), El Noujoum Coy, directed by MAYODI (shows in Paris, Fez, Beirut, 2006- 2011) and the Tellurgie Company, directed by Assia GUEMRA (Noun show at the Opéra d'Alger, 2018).


Since 2010, she has produced and directed her own creations, under the sign of the meeting between oriental dance and other artistic forms: the Mediterranean music of the trio Aptal (Zehab, 2011); hip hop, electro and Sufi dances (Hourriya, 2012); works from the classical repertoire played on the piano, allied to oriental percussions (Notes d'Amour, 2013); the Crystal of Michel Deneuve (Sillages, 2017); bharata natyam and Japanese Sumi-e painting (Togenkyo, 2018). She also produced two Egyptian music albums, Orientally, the Dance Collection, in collaboration with choreographer Yousry SHARIF (Vol.1) and qanoun composer and player Hossam SHAKER (Vol.2).