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Vernet-Senhadj Lolie

Vernet-Senhadj Lolie

Oriental dance

Lolie Vernet-Senhadj is a dancer and choreographer specializing in dances from Egypt and the Middle East. Initiated by Nadia Messaiï in 1996, it continues with Leila Haddad, Mayodi, Myriam Douïou, Raqia Hassan, Diana Tarkhan, Yousry Sharif and many others.

Winner of 3 international competitions in 2007 (Berlin), 2008 (Turin) and 2009 (Brussels), she is praised by leading figures of Egyptian oriental dance, such as Najwa Fouad or Farida Fahmy, for her precise listening, her creativity, her unique personality.

She is a dancer-performer with various companies: Cie Leila Haddad (Paris, Avignon, Stockholm, 2003-2004), Cie El Noujoum de Mayodi (Paris, Fez, Beirut, 2006-2011) and Cie Tellurgie, directed by Assia Guemra (Algiers, 2018). 

Motivated by the desire to break with the clichés often associated with oriental dance, she has been producing and staging her own creations since 2010, under the sign of encounters with other artistic expressions.

Passionate about music, she embarked on the artistic direction and production of two CD’s, Orientally — The Dance Collection (Vol.1 and 2), recorded in Cairo.