TAMAGNA Vaiki et MOYA Nicolas

TAMAGNA Vaiki et MOYA Nicolas




Vaiki Tamagna, originally from Tahiti, left his native island at the age of 18 to train at the International Dance Academy in Paris. She will continue her artistic development at the Rick Odums professional training center in a musical comedy section for three years. Later, she joined the Feeling Dance school where she trained in ballroom dancing with Michel Koenig and Lydie Folletti. Very quickly her passion for Latin and standard dances led her to competition; she then meets Nicolas Moya who will later become her dance partner.



Nicolas MOYA


Nicolas Moya is from Cavaillon, he started in the training of dancer by acrobatic rock and Boogie Woogie. Five years of competitions followed then he continues to train in salsa and bachata in Cuba. He will complete his artistic career by going to Paris, will follow a musical comedy training at AICOM and will play roles in Legally Blonde and Robin Hood the legend or almost. Nicolas Moya will also begin ballroom dancing at Feeling Dance and will continue in competition with his partner, Vaiki Tamagna. They will both obtain the title of Champions of France 10 dances in 2018. They will then decide to stop the competition in order to devote themselves to teaching and continue their duo of dancers in the creation of shows.