Modern jazz dance

Anthony began his professional training in 2006 at the CRR in Dijon in contemporary dance with Claire Plenat and Estelle de Montalembert.
Then, he developed his jazz dance in 2007 at the Espace Pléiade in Vichy with Sadok Khechana, Kada Godbane and Raza Hammadi with whom he learned the Mattox technique.


It was in 2008 that he joined the EPSEDANSE training where he trained in jazz dance with Anne Marie Porras, Anne-Laure Giroud and Natacha Crouzet, in classical dance with Rudy Bryans and in contemporary dance with Didier Barbe and Françoise Texier.


In 2009, he followed a training directed by Anne Laure Giroud and obtained his state diploma in Jazz dance in 2010.


It was in 2013 with Martine Curtat Cadet, director of the Center des Arts Vivants, that Anthony began his first open lessons in Paris.
Following this, he will give various internships in other Parisian studios such as Studio Harmonic, Heart Point) or even recently at LAX Studio.
In 2019, Nicole Chirpaz, director of the AID International Academy in Paris called on him to give jazz dance lessons as part of her professional training.


In parallel with all this, Anthony follows a career as a professional dancer by integrating various musical shows on national and international tours with Notre Dame de Paris, Roméo & Juliette or Flashdance The Musical. He dances for the Stars 80 concerts, for the Just Dance video game, for various TV sets, clips, series, films etc...


As a choreographer, he started with TF1 for the TV movie “Josephine Ange Gardien”, of which he choreographed 3 episodes. But it was at the famous Disneyland Paris park that he was offered the chance to choreograph great shows such as "Pirates & Princesses", "#SurpriseMickey" or several events, including some at the Paris Opera, London or Dubai at the occasion of the Universal Exhibition.


In 2020, Anne-Marie Porras asked her to create a piece for a class of her professional training Epsedanse: "Les Nouveaux Sauvages", 2 new creations followed. It is thanks to this that he thinks of creating his short piece "Cellula".


Inspired by Anne-Marie Porras and Raza Hammadi, two references in the jazz dance world in France with a strong style and to whom he has a particular affection, Anthony has naturally evolved his style. He is in constant search of progress, novelty, creativity in order to discover, improve and enrich his own language.


He wants to give a modern touch to today's Jazz dance.
He is recognized for his high standards, his rigour, the precision of his discipline and the energy that emanates from his creations.
Anthony regularly intervenes in various provincial structures, in Europe and in the largest international summer courses.


Accompanied by Jean-Luc PACAUD.



It was at the Poitiers Conservatory (1981-1988) that Jean-Luc Pacaud trained as a percussionist where he obtained the 1st Prize in 1988.
He completed his musical training and took drum lessons with Guy Hayat, Cuban percussion lessons with Sydney Thiam and analysis, harmony, jazz history and Big Band training lessons at the CIM in Paris. Then he opened his own school in the Poitou-Charentes region. He has been teaching drums and traditional percussion since 1983.


Holder of the state diploma of music teacher – accompaniment options and musical training of the dancer, specialist in body percussion, technical body rhythms o Passo and percussion on objects, he is involved in many dance courses as an accompanist.


In addition, Jean-Luc Pacaud is a trainer and guide for the Certificate of Aptitude and the State Diploma of Dance Teacher at the National Dance Center in Lyon and Pantin since 1991, at the Cnsmd in Lyon and in several authorized training centers. by the Ministry of Culture.


For several years, he has been the privileged accompanist of great international teachers, both in classical, contemporary and jazz dance, as well as in African or sports dance, tap dancing and mime. He notably accompanied Walter Nicks' lessons for ten years, as well as those of Matt Mattox, Carolyn Carlson, Milton Meyers, Linn Simonson, Wildfride Piollet... Jean-Luc Pacaud collaborates as a sound illustrator and performer on reports and credits for television (Fort Boyard, Sacrée soirée, Thalassa…), and he is a musician with artists such as Georges Moustaki, Romain Didier, Xavier Lacouture, Jack Haurogné, Bevinda, Laurent Viel…

Several recordings of his original works for percussion inspired by traditional rhythms have been published. They are intended for dance pedagogy, creation and sound illustration.