BOSC Audrey

BOSC Audrey

Ragga Jam ® Dancehall

Choreographer, dancer and teacher abroad (Russia, USA, Brazil, Europe, Israel…) but also throughout France (Juste Debout School, Studio Harmonic, Studio MRG, Center Rick Odums…) and today at DNA DANCE AREA, of which she is the founder with her husband.


After her meeting with Laure Courtellemont, creator of RJ® Dancehall, she joined the RJ® company by NIKE and danced among others at the Opéra Bastille, Bercy, Théâtre de Paris... Later, it was with the Dare to Dancehall, choreographic piece by Laure Courtellemont and Ousmane Sy (Babson), which she performed in Los Angeles and at La Villette for the Golden Stage.


Audrey attaches particular importance to transmission. Sensitizing the younger generation to the values ​​of dance, such as perseverance, rigour, authenticity, sharing is a daily job and is one of its major objectives, whether in class, professional training or even at the within his own company “My Dna”.


Recognized for her professionalism and pedagogy, her teaching is generous and dynamic.