Terms and conditions

1 .
The Dance Camp is strictly reserved to members of the DARC Association, therefore each participant must pay a 16€ annual membership by sunday 11th of August from 8AM (MLC Belle-Isle), during the final registration, at the latest.
2 .
Participants must always have their membership card and the “registration bracelet” with them. They can be asked to show their membership card at any moment. It will be provided to them when they pay the balance on Sunday, August 11th 2024 from 8AM.
3 .

Attach 1 stamped envelopes with your name and address as well as two recent passport photos (membership cards without photos will not be issued) and a medical certificate (compulsory).

4 .
Participants under 18 years old must have permission from their parents or guardians (Participants under 12 are not allowed). The registration form must be completed by a written parental authorization discharging DARC from any responsibility.
5 .
Participants under 18 years old (in collective accommodation at the Naturapôlis high school) must have parental consent to attend shows at the Festival (from 8PM to midnight) and to take part in various outings.
6 .
The Dance Camp will not be liable for any physical or material damage caused or endured by any person, participant or accompanying person: during animations, shows, etc… as well as during trips for the Dance Camp, or caused by any disregard of the rules, or inappropriate behaviour during classes.
7 .
It is recommended to have a liability insurance during the Dance Camp, in order to cover these risks.
8 .
The deposit payment alone makes the registration final. In case of resignation (on presentation of a medical certificate) 2 months prior to the Dance Camp, 50% of the deposit will be refunded. In case of resignation 1 month prior to the Dance Camp, 2/3 of the deposit will remain retained by the Dance Camp. The week prior to the Dance Camp, no refund will be possible, except in case of force majeure. ANY DANCE CAMP THAT WAS STARTED AND STOPPED FOR ANY REASON CANNOT BE REFUNDED. There are private insurances that cover these risks (sickness, death of a family member, accident…)
9 .
Foreign payments: by postal order. For other payment methods, a 20€ fee will be added to the balance.
10 .
Any audio, photo or video recording is forbidden during the Dance Camp, except with the exceptional authorization of the Dance Camp’s management.
11 .
Note-taking is allowed with the professor’s permission.
12 .
If a participant is late, the teacher has the right to deny their access to the course.
13 .
The Dance Camp management may use photos and videos taken by their team during the Camp.
14 .
It is strictly forbidden to smoke in dance classrooms as well as at the accommodation.
15 .
The Dance Camp management will not be liable if a participant’s personal objects get stolen on the premises of the Dance Camp and at the accommodation (collective and individual). It is therefore strongly recommended not to bring valuable items and to be vigilant.
16 .
Animals are not allowed on the premises of the Dance Camp and of the accommodation.
17 .
The Dance Camp management may modify the course of the event, should anything happen after the publication of this document which is not contractual.
18 .
In case of force majeure, the management may postpone or even cancel the Dance Camp. In the latter case, refunds will be issued.